"Works like a charm. I didn't think it could be fixed but S.T.A.R came through and my Kicker amplifier works better and runs cooler than before. I asked them how did they do that and one of the tech's said "first we do a full clean and on your amplifier it had a bad N-Channel Mosfets on the power supply side so we always change all of the N-Channel Mosfets and we match them even if they come from the same batch."

Chris Latchet

“I picked up my db and had the tech, Brian, go thru it and check it out. Fast turnaround, reasonable rates, but most important excellent work. One major improvement was a new cooling fan that increased the CFM while still quiet. The db performs as it should producing an easy 2400 watts. This amp was built a while back when they rated the input on RMS and efficiency.”

Jim Alexander

“I purchased an JL 500.1 amp on line only to find that it had problems.

I shipped it to South Texas Amplifier Repair for diagnosis. He called me the same day it arrived after assessing the problem. After giving me the bad news he carefully gave me options and cost estimates. Long story, short - he was awesome and his diagnosis fee was more than reasonable.”

Gale Matters